Our current line includes several freeze dried Coral & Fish Foods such as Coral Fusion  - an all in one coral food

with zooplankton and phytopankton, Zoo Fusion -  a special blend for anemones and LPS Corals & Phyto Fusion

- a mix of four different micro algaes for filter feeders.


Fish foods ininclude Shrimp Cocktail with mysis which is a universal treat food for all aquarium fish

(salt & fresh) and Reef Treatz - a mixed blend of offerings in one packet including copepod, Amphipods, nori seaweed,

krill pellet and more.


Checkout our Mysis Gold for the small shrimp thats packed with nutrition and suitable for fresh and marines.





















A new selection of unique freshwater products is in the pipeline and includes specialist products for Discus & other tropical fish and a new jelly type food for plecos, catfish and other alge eaters.


Most of our marine fish foods including Reef Treatz, Shrimp Cocktail & Seaweed Flakes are also suitable for most   freshwater species and infact supply superior nutrition!


We have had fantastic feedback from our MULTI MICRO baby fish food too!





Lookout for our range of bio & chemical media packs including:


  • Supreme Cermaic Bio Media (universal )


  • Bio Volcanic Rocks (Freshwater)


  • Activated Carbon (universal)


  • Phosphate Remover (universal)




Our desire to provide quality products stems from our passion for the aquarium hobby.


Lots more exciting things coming very soon!

aqua core


Aqua Core Aquatics


We produce specialist aquarium foods and supply filter media & other accessories.


All our products are manufactured in the UK to the highest standards.


All our foods are packed in small batches to ensure freshness of the ingredients.


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