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Providing the best environment you can is of utmost importance when keeping living creatures, water quality and nutrition are two major aspects which we focus our product range on.


Healthy Knowledge, Good Research & the maintaining Balance & Stability are also keys to good husbandry.


We love tropical freshwater fish just as much as their saltwater cousins, mesmerising corals and inverts. We provide a range of foods for all types of hobbyists.


Our foods are not mass produced and as such we guarantee the quality and freshness of ingredients that are selected and sourced from all over the world.


We dont like additives, preservatives or fillers too much - so you will find most of our feeds solely made from natural stuff where possible.

We like to rely on the goodness of quality ingredients to provide adequate nutrition. Some pellet formulas do include extra vitamin and mineral complexes & certain ingredients are pre treated with anti oxidants at source.


Bringing the tranquil underwater world into your home can be very rewarding. Replicating the many different natural environments that are found throughout the worlds lakes, rivers and oceans can be alot of fun and sometimes a challenge.With a seemingly infinite amount of species to choose from you really can never get bored in fishkeeping!


The wonder of nature in its different shapes, forms, colours and behaviour is truly breathtaking!


We support sustainability and ethical fishkeeping.

Aquarists should be ambassadors for aquatic life through education and inspiration, please support good causes and give something back to mother nature.




If you would like any more info on any of our products or services please do get in touch.




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