By Admin, Sep 11 2017 05:20PM

Weve been working very hard over the last few weeks to bring you even more exciting aquarium foods : )

highlights in the new range include:

ELEMENT OIL - Easy to use concentrated vitamins and HUFA Enrichment liquid.

MYSIS GOLD - The small shrimp thats packed with goodness : )

MULTI MICRO - Superior baby fish food!

new catalogue PDF just uploaded too - please check em all out

By Admin, Aug 4 2017 10:22AM

Splendid Betta Fish Food

Complete High Quality Food for Betta Fish (Siamese Fighters) developed by betta enthusiasts.

Nutritious Mini Flake with the added treat of whole freeze dried daphnia and bloodworm to replicate natural prey.

25g availabel now!

By Admin, Aug 4 2017 08:14AM

2 new foods just launched

MICRO ALGE 20g - algae powder

CORAL K 20g coral food

both supplied with handy feeding pipette : )

have alook in the shop for more info

By Admin, Aug 24 2016 12:49PM

Introducing a brilliant new product from Aqua Core: N RICH

The non synthetic vitamin & mineral enrichment to boost any fresh, frozen or dried foodstuff.

its rich in all major vitamins and minerals and contains high levels of astaxanthin, beta glucan, omega 3 and carotenes too

made from algae and plant extracts : )

add some to your food today for better health, colourationa nd immunity to disease!

now available in the shop and in selected stores.

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