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AQUA CORE - FISH TREATS for all Tropical & Freshwater fish.

This pack includes 5 x different tasty nutritous foodstuffs!

All made from the best quality ingredients.

Treat your fish to the varied diet they require!

These will significantly contribute to the well being, colour, health and vitality of our aquatic friends : )

Specially formulated for both TROPICAL & COLDWATER fish.


1) DAPHNIA water fleas - 20ml tube - approx 5g (great roughage, aid digestion)

2) BLOODWORM PELLETS - 20ml tube - approx 20g. (with added colour enhancers)

3) TUBIFEX CUBES - Foil Fresh Pouch approx 6g - (these can be stuck on the glass- fun to watch fish pecking them off!)

4) ALGAE WAFERS with spirulina (Fast Sinking - all bottom feeders such as catfish love them!) - Foil Fresh Pouch approx 20g.

5) SHRIMP PELLETS (Sinking - with added vitamins) - Foil Fresh Pouch approx 20g.

You get all five items as listed above with this pack.

Just like humans fish dont want to eat exactly the same boring meal everyday!

Use in conjunction with a staple flake for a complete balanced diet.

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