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ATLANTIS 'White Water' - Advanced Aquarium Glass Cleaning Kit.

This kit contains a 250ml bottle of special Atlantis fluid with atomiser spray & large microfiber cleaning cloth.

Atlantis Fluid contains unique ingredients designed to clean dirt, grease & mineral deposites from the outside surfaces of your aquarium.

A highly effective streak free cleaning solution that is suitable for use on both glass & acrylic aquaria, salt & freshwater.

Its ammonia and alcohol free and not harmful to fish or aquatic life should a small amount enter the water colum.

- Cleans, Polishes & Shines glass or acrylic.

- Effectively removes tough mineral deposit

- Leaves Little or no residue. When used correctly you get a streak free clean every time.

- Ammonia & alcohol free, no nasty chemicals, safe for Aquarium use.

- Made with the finest quality, Purified natural ingredients.

- Anti Bacterial.

- Quick Dry Formula.

- Easy Spray on Aplication.

- Large 250ml Bottle.

- Large cleaning cloth Included.

Intended for use on the outside surfaces of your aquarium aswell as to clean filters / pumps, skimmer parts and empty tanks when they are being serviced.

A tried and tested solution that is also great for general disinfecting by actively killing microbes.

If a small amount should enter the aquarium then natural buffers in your water will very quickly neutralize the product, it actually contains compounds already present in all living organisms. It is biodegradable and readily breaks down into carbon dioxide and water.

You will receive:

1 x 250ml Bottle of Atlantis 'White Water' Cleaning Fluid.

1 x Large Microfiber Cleaning Cloth.

Not only will this product provide better results than many standard commercial glass cleaners, its also free of harmfull substances that could harm your pets!


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