Bio Volcanic Bio Rocks


BIO VOLCANIC is a high quality natural rock with superb properties for water filtration.

Excellent biological media for any aquarium. Use in any type of filter compartment* with a huge surface area and porosity it provides an ideal home for all types of essential beneficial bacteria.

Once mature the media will process waste (nitrification) and even break it down/reduce nitrate (denitrification).

More effective biologically than ceramic rings / sponges and many other synthetic media types. This media can be left almost indefinitely (perhaps a rinse with tank water to remove detritus every few months) Inert natural product - will not alter PH / water chemistry.

*SIZE GRADE: LARGE: Ideal for all external canister / larger filters / sumps, or for decoration purposes in the aquarium, great for attaching plants too! - pieces upto approx 50mm thick

(smaller grade also available)


Amount Required: This will depend on many factors including stocking level / water change schedule etc..500g should easily support a 100 litre system. More is better - Use as much as you can comfortably fit in your filter (can be used passively in the tank also),p> Intended for freshwater use. Can be used in Freshwater, brackish environments & with amphibians / reptiles.