CichlaSoma Cichlid Pellets


Aqua Core Cichla Soma
Cichla Soma an excellent mixed feed for all types of Cichlids and other medium to large tropical fish.
It comprises of a Mixed Floating Pellet plus added sinking granules.  
Made to an exceptionally high standard with quality ingredients such as marine fish & shrimp, Spirulina & marine algae.

With added vitamins and minerals - NO Land animal products.
Suitable for many New and Old world Cichlids including those from Lake Malawi, Tanganyika, The Amazon, South & Central America.
Ideal for popular species such as Discus and Angelfish plus other medium to large sized omnivorous fish.
Contents include 75% by weight 3mm pellets and 25% sinking high energy mini granules (<1mm)

Overall Analysis:
Protein: 38%
Oil/Fat: 7%
Ash: 9%
Fibre: 3%
Vitamins: Vit. A: 10,000 I.U./kg, Vit. D3: 2,500 I.U./kg, Vit. E: 240 mg/kg, Vit. C: 310 mg/kg

For improved growth and colouration - an ideal daily staple for lively and healthy fish!
55g Foil Fresh Pouch.