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Coral Feeding Kit


Our Coral Fusion complete with re usable glass pipette for target feeding.

Suitable for many types of filter feeding animals including corals, shrimp,bivalves, molluscs & micro fauna.

The ideal small particle foodstuff for your corals, filter feeders and other reef inhabitants containing a unique
fusion of planktonic organisms.
Contains freeze dried zooplankton & phytoplankton.Including micro algae,copepods, rotifers and krill protein.
Provides food in a range of small particle sizes to satisfy the needs of various different species of filter
feeders. A unique formula based on the nutritional needs of the most commonly kept corals & other filter feeding animals.
Supplying nutrients to soft and stony corals aswell as many other inhabitants of your reef tank such as
feather dusters,worms,clams,shrimps, fish & larvae, micro critters, crabs, sponges and more...

Main Ingredients:
Krill protein, Plankton, Copepods, Rotifers,Chrlorella, Spirulina, Kelp & Daphnia.

Typical Analytical constituents :
PROTEIN: 55% / FAT: 14% / FIBER: 4% / ASH MINERALS: 10% (max) / MOISTURE 8% (Max) Carotenoid Pigment 150pp

50g foil fresh pouch and mini glass pipette.

Average Particle  <150 microns - Range Approx 5-1500 microns.