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GFO Phosphate Remover


Marine Phosphate Remover GFO (GRANULAR FERRIC OXIDE)

High levels of phosphate commonly cause algae outbreaks and can be damaging to fish, corals and other organisms.

Keeping levels low helps water quality and reduces many common reef tank problems with algae and cyano bacteria.

We always use & recommend some form of phosphate control in our saltwater aquariums along with activated carbon.

This product is best used in a dedicated reactor or in fine media bags (not supplied) placed in a filter or area of high flow. (It Can also be used for freshwater tanks)

Amount Supplied sufficient for approx 100 litre tank depending on stocking level and other factors.

Super absorbent , developed by German Aquarists, top quality.

Rinse briefly to remove fines before use.
also available in larger size.