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Mini Artemia Cysts


Mini BrineShrimp Eggs (Cysts)

Newly hatched brineshrimp are a popular first food for many fish species due to ease of culturing and small size.

This unique strain yields the tiniest artemia naupili available giving your fish the best chance of capturing them efficiently.

Whats more they are more densely packed with nutrition than standard brineshrimp, are fast to hatch and have a high yield too!

San Francisco Strain - Smaller Size & Higher HUFA value than Common Brineshrimp
300,000 cysts per gram, 85% Hatch Rate
Cyst diameter: approx 220 micron
Instar I nauplii size: approx 420 micron

The best chance of success with seahorses and other delicate marine species with tiny mouths.
these are the smallest and most nutritious brineshrimp available.

hatching instructions supplied.