Multi Micro Fry Food 100g


Multi Micro Baby Fish Food 100g tub.

At the request of some of our customers we are now offering a larger size of our multi micro feed.

Unique advanced formula with high quality mix of whole natural powders & tiny pellets.

The Superfood for baby / Juvenile fish that is ideal for first 3 months of growth & weaning off live diets. (species dependant)

Multiple particle size from tiny single micron upto 0.4mm

Suitable for freshwater and marines.

Sterile product - will not cause disease or contamination.


Microscopic Zooplankton (Rotifers / Copepods / Cyclops)
Pure Atlantic Krill Protein
Micro Algae Phytoplankton (Chlorella /Spirulina)
Decapsulated Artemia (Brineshrimp) Eggs
Premium micro granules (High vitamin, Fish & Vegetable protein, oils, garlic, under 0.5mm size)

Typical Analytical constituents : Protein 54%,Fat 15% max Crude Fibres 5% max  Ash  / Minerals 10% max - Mositure 9% max -  Carotenoid Pigment Approx 120ppm

Supplied with handy feeding pipette (use optional  - to direct food to the area where fry congregate)

Rich in essential Protein, Amino Acids, Vitamins, minerals and pigments. Freshly Made In The UK

Superior Nutrition from varied ingredients - Promotes Rapid growth and vigour - give your young fish a good start in life!