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Mysis Relicta Shrimp


Aqua Core Mysis Gold

Freeze Dried Mysis Relicta shrimp (approx 5mm size) with super high protein and fat content!

Premium Quality Mysis Relicta harvested From cold freshwater lakes in British Columbia
High in protein & fat, Rich In HUFA
Rich in vitamins & minerals
No artificial additives
Universal Food (suitable for all types of aquarium fish, Saltwater, Tropical, Fresh)
Guaranteed fresh stock supplied in foil pouch

Approx analysis Protein 55% min / Fat 7% / Ash 7% / Moisture 6% / Fibre 3%

These mysis are small enough for nearly all fish species and much less husky than standard freeze dried shrimp with a more 'fluffy' texture. Note some powder may develop at the bottom of the bag, this should still be fed and is nutritionally rich for filter feeders.
a staple in the marine hobby but Ideal for all types of aquarium fish!

Analysis: Protein, 70%; Fat, 8%; Ash, 9.8%; Moisture, 2%