N-Rich - fish food enrichment powder

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N-RICH Universal Natural Food Enrichment Powder.

The easily digestible non synthetic food enrichment based on algae & plant extracts!

Use to increase the nutritional profile of any existing fish foodstuff. (frozen, Dry or fresh and even artemia and other live cultures)

This product is rich in the seven major vitamins - A1, B1, B2, B6, B12, C and E It also contains natural sources of beta-carotene, Astaxanthin, beta glucan, raw protein, Amino Acids, essential fatty acids and beneficial minerals.

- 100% Natural ingredients, nothing synthetic. .

- Easily Digestible.

- Easy to use, simply sprinkle some over your foods and mix well before feeding or can be re-hydrated with a little water for use as a liquid to soak food in or to be fed to live cultures.

- Freeze dried powder with a long shelf life

- Stays fresher than liquid products

- Ideal for improving the nutritional value of food for Marines, Seahorses, Fry & juveniles or indeed any aquarium fish (saltwater & fresh) Koi / Discus etc

- Supplied in foil fresh pouch..

- Great for health, colouration, growth and immunity to disease. Also brilliant for conditioning prior to breeding.

- May also be fed directly to filter feeding inverts, small fish & live cultures

Made In The UK.