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Phyto Fusion- Plankton Powder Food

£9.99 (Sold out)

Phyto Fusion provides a mix of 4 micro algae species in a dried powder form.

Phytoplankton can be directly consumed by some types of Soft Corals, Gorgonians, Sea Cucumbers, Clams and even some stony corals.

Animals that dont directly consume it from the water column can benefit indirectly as its a rich source of food for other organisms that make up the foodchain.

A  few organisms we keep require phytoplankton as main source of food and as such it must be provided for them to ensure longterm survival.

Whilsts live fresh phyto is probably the best solution it can be a little difficult & costly to keep a supply readily available at all times -

Phyto Fusion is a great way of suplementing when live plankton is unavailable or even as a longterm substitute. Its convenient and has a

long shelf life, ready to make up as and when required.

Its made from 100% natural algaes that are packed with vitamins, minerals, carotenoids , fats and other essential elements with no additives or preservatives.

This product is also ideal for enriching your own foods such as live brine shrimp aswell as adding to frozen food mixes and other homemade

preparations to greatly increase nutritional value for both marine & freshwater fish. You can even simply sprinkle it into your pots of flake and granular food to give it a great nutritional boost.

Dried small particle / powdered form - Long shelf life, does not require refrigeration, simply mix with a small amount of aquarium water

and add to tank, can also be used for target feeding. a concentrated product that will go a very long way!

One 30g packet contains the equivelant dry weight in plankton as several thousand mililitres of  a liquid product.

Main Ingredients:
Chrlorella, Spirulina, Dunaliella Salina & Nannochloropsis.

Supplied in re-sealable foil fresh pouch.

a mix of 4 different strains of micro algae typically ranging in size from 1 to 150 microns.