Pure Copepods


Pure Dried Cyclopoida Copepod Powder 20g
(micro plankton)

Superior quality red copepods harvested from Norwegian Artic.

Naturally rich in highly unsaturated fatty acids, anti-oxidants and colour enhancing properties.

Suitable for many types of filter feeders in fresh and marine environments:
bivalves & mollusks
planktivore fish
young fish & fry

Tiny Particle Size (Average 200 micron)

Super high levels of carotenoids (astaxanthin, cryptoxanthin, echinenone)

High in Protein & Essential Fats

Convenient - Long Shelf Life

No artificial Additives

Colour Enhancing

Sustainably Sourced

For use as a zooplankton substitute or as an additive. Easy to use - simply mix a small amount with tank water to re-hydrate - can be broadcast or target fed.

Ingredients: Dried Copepods (Cyclopoida Sp.)

Approx Analysis: Protein, 67%; Fat, 11%; Ash, 9%;  Moisture 5% Fibre 3% Astaxanthin 400 ppm.

Supplied in foil fresh pouch with handy pipette.

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