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Reef Treatz - Fish / Invert & Coral Food


Tasty & nutritous offerings for all your marine tank inhabitants (Fish & Inverts)

Includes whole morsels plus pellets, flakes and powder - all in one product!

With Whole Freeze Dried Shrimp, Mysis, Amphipods, Seaweed Flakes, Micro Algae & Plankton + Several types of Flake, Pellets and Granular feeds (made from marine sources with fish, shrimp, plankton and highly digestible plant material) enhanced with essential vitamins & minerals - packed with quality nutrition!

Something for everything in the tank!

Great for freshwater / tropicals too - can be easily crumbled for smaller species.

Supplied in a 30g foil fresh pouch.

Made In The UK.

Typical Analytical constituents : Protein 50 / Fat 9% / Crude Fibres 2% /  Ash Minerals 8% - Mositure 6%