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Spira Pellet


Spira Pellet Premium Pellet Fish Food fortefied with algae, vitamins & minerals.

Super high quality floating pellet for all herbivorous / omnivorous fish.

Technically Formulated & made from excellent quality ingredients
As used by breeders, public aquaria & hatcheries
Enriched with Spirulina & Marine Algae,Vitamins & Minerals
Colour Enhancing
Highly digestible balanced nutrition - Contains No land animal products
Can be fed to both freshwater tropical & marine fish.
An ideal daily staple diet for freshwater tropicals.

Approximate analysis:
Protein: 37.0%, Fat: 8.0%, Ash: 7.0%, Fibre: 2.0%

Vitamin Content:
Vit A: 2,500 I.U./kg, Vit. D3: 2,500 I.U./kg, Vit. E: 225 mg/kg, Vit. C: >300 mg/kg

Main Ingredients: Fish & Shrimp Meal, Spirulina & Marine Algae, Digestible Plant Material, Vitamins & Minerals

3mm - Floating