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Supreme Bio Media Bags 400g



Top bio media filter bags for aquariums. Includes 2 media bags (17cm x 10cm) filled with this super highly porous ceramic media aggregate (Alfagrog) in which all the good bacteria can thrive! Approx 200g in each bag totalling 400g. For use in Filters / Sumps or passively in the aquarium.

Excellent Replacement for any bio media or alternative to live rock rubble. Use in the bags for ease of maintenance or place in filter compartments loose . Great for all small to medium aquariums, nano tanks, quarantine, breeding & temporary setups and even jellyfish systems!. As with all bio filters they take time to mature and be colonised by bacteria. This product should provide enough surface area to easily filter around 200L in most setups. For optimal nitrate reduction you should use as much as you can comfortably accommodate in the system.

NOW IN EASY ZIP UP BAGS (with fish safe nylon zip)