Supreme Bio Media Bags XL 1.5KG



Top aquarium filter media supplied in mesh filter bag. for aquariums & pond applications. Includes XL media bag (30cm x 20cm) filled with this super highly porous ceramic media aggregate in which all the good bacteria can thrive! For use in Filters / Sumps or passively in the display.

Excellent Replacement for any bio media with improved filtration compared to ceramic rings, bio balls and foam. An alternative to live rock rubble in sumps. For smaller filters some of the media can be removed or used loose. As with all bio filters they take time to mature and be colonised by bacteria. This product should provide enough surface area to easily filter upto 800L in most setups. For optimal nitrate reduction you should use as much as you can comfortably accommodate in the system.

note: the media can be removed from the bag and used loose if you wish in any filter compartment.