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Totally Tropical Fish Food


Totally Tropical - Nourishment Formula - Flake & Pellet Mix 52g

Total Nutrition for tropical fish comprising of mixed flakes and floating pellets - all in one product! An ideal staple diet for medium sized fish and mixed community tanks.

High Quality ingredients include marine algae & omega 3 fatty acids.With Added Vitamins.

Mixed Flakes plus 3mm floating pellet. Technically formulated for optimum nourishment.

Main Ingredients: Fish & Shrimp meal, Highly digestable plant material, Spirulina, Marine Algae,Vitamins & Minerals - Does not include any land animal products or fillers.

Overall Analysis: Protein: 42% / Oil: 5% / Ash: 7% / Fibre: 2%

Vitamin Content: VIT A:1600 IU/kg VIT D3: 2000 IU/Kg VIT E:180mg/KG VIT C:350mg/KG

Made with ingredients to the same high standards used for aqua culture for overall health, growth and colouration.