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Zoo Micro - Coral & Anemone Food - copepod rotifers Krill


Zoo Fusion (Micro) is a powdered food for carnivorous corals, filter feeders, anemones and other marine inverts.

Its small particle size is ideal for even the fussiest reef inhabitants (approx 50-400 microns)

Great for either broadcast or target feeding individual animals.

Packed with essential nutrition.

Simular to our standard zoo fusion but without the larger particle sizes of pellets and whole shrimps - this is a fine powder only.

Ingredients Include: Copepods / Rotifers / Atlantic Krill Powder.

note: Zoo Fusion is also available which contains a larger range of plankton sizes such as whole shrimp & pellets - if you want a product specifically to feed carnivorous corals & anemones then Zoo Fusion Micro is recommended - if you also want to feed your fish or animals capable of capturing larger prey then choose standard Zoo Fusion available separately.

Long shelf life, does not require refrigeration, simply mix with a small amount of aquarium water before use.

a concentrated product that will go a long way!

Typical Analytical constituents : Protein 58% min,Fat 19% max Crude Fibres 1.5% Ash  / Minerals 8% - Mositure 8% max

Supplied in re-sealable foil fresh pouch.
Quality ingredients, manufactured in the UK

One pack will last for ages and feed many many times!
Great value 30g packet!

Most reef aquarists would agree that certain corals and anemones need target feeding for continued health and growth, this is a great product for use in conjunction with frozen and live food to provide fully balanced nutrition. Always monitor your water parameters - never overfeed!